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Testimonial – Customer Service – Don Sargent

To whom it may concern.
    Rosanna Jones who works for N. A. F. M. D. As a customer service, I believe she is a very good assest to this co and derisive recognition for the hospital and help she gives to others.
Sincerely Yours,
 Don Sargent

Testimonial- Customer Service- Maria Groezinger

Thank you so much (Customer Service Rep),
I would like to tell you, you are a great asset to the company, taking time to walk me thru my options and you were extremely patient.
I will keep your email and let you know if I need anything.
Again much thanks


Maria Groezinger
Board of Directors, Peace4kids
Watts/Willowbrook Boys and Girls Club

Testimonial – Customer Service- Ashish Desai

Testimonial -Customer Service – Carolyn Morris Texas, United States

On behalf of my father Leo Breed and myself (his daughter) Carolyn Morris, I would like to commend your Cust. Service Rep. for her outstanding service provided to my father in assisting him with dental charges that were misrepresented by his dental provider. Always diligent in responding and consistent with follow-up.

Testimonial Alyssa Nieves United States

Note to a Customer Service Rep: You have no idea how appreciative i am of you. Thank you for always helping and exceeding expectations! The little bit you do is a huge help to me. Have an amazing day!

Testimonal From Susan Barlow on Nafmd and Delta Dental


I just wanted to say how much this dental plan has changed my life. I have needed dentures for quite some time and could never afford them. My dentist said with the extractions, impressions, dentures, and adjustments I would be looking at over $2,500. I tried calling some of the local denture places only to find out the material they use was cheap and I would more than likely have to replace them every two years. I can not afford to do that. I was contacted about this plan and because of the way it was explained to me I thought I would give it a try. I was told my denture plate would be $335 and the the impressions and adjustments were actually included. I had my dentures in place within a week and after the healing process I am here to tell you it has changed my world. I can smile, eat, and enjoy life without worrying about what people see. My dentist said I have “The Cadillac of teeth” and would not have to replace them for many years. I can’t say enough about this dental plan and what it has done for me.

Susan Barlow

Testimonal From Ken A. on Nafmd and Delta Dental

“It was the best move I’ve ever made to go through NAFMD and enroll in Delta Dental. They took my $6400.00 dental bill down to $800.00. I will forever be greatful!”

~ Nafmd and Delta Customer – Ken A.

Testimonal From Kelli D. on Nafmd Customer Service


This is written to whomever it may concern.

I am writing regarding -my Agent- experiance today for your company. I was actually calling to cancel my service. Not only did I end up keeping it but i also added an extra $5 a month to both my family plan and my brothers plan due to my conversation with my agent.

She fully explained the benefits of the service and why we should continue it. Along with offering Delta Dental while she didn’t even know that I have specialist work that need to be done. She asked if I do and explained thoroughly the benefit of Delta Dental as opposed to the Safe guard we have had for several years now. I had not seen enough benefits from the service but -my Agent- was very good at informing me. Then she took the extra step in assisting me in choosing a dentist in my area. Going through the choices and their good or poor ratings -my Agent- EXPERIENCE WAS AMAZING!

I asked for her email to address so that I can write this 5 STAR REVIEW. She was patient, kind, knowledgable and professional all cheap MLB jerseys at the same time, and she definitely Joe Pavelski C jersey went the extra mile in helping me and making me feel valued.

Please not this review in her personal file -AGENT- YOU ARE AMAZING!!!


Kelli Droughn

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