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Medicare and Lack of Dental Coverage


Did you know that despite popular belief straight medicare doesn’t actually cover your dental?

Medicare’s dental coverage is limited. If you have Original Medicare (Part A and Part B), you won’t be covered for most dental services and supplies, including:

  • Dental exams
  • Routine cleanings
  • Fillings
  • Tooth extractions
  • Dentures and dental implants

That’s pretty much everything you would need to have done on a bi-annual basis that has to be paid out of pocket. Medicare.gove states that ” Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) will pay for certain dental services that you get when you’re in a hospital. Part A can pay for if you need to have emergency or complicated dental procedures, even though the dental care isn’t covered.”

So unless you’re hospitalized or it is an emergency procedure you’re simply left to cover it on your on. Not to mention each year the amount of money you get for being on medicare decreases ad the cost of living and these procedures continues to rise. I hear a lot of time people say they don’t need dental or they have had all the work they need already and they brush. The truth is everyone needs to take care of their dental needs but Risk for certain conditions, including gum disease and oral cancer, increases with age. Oral health is often strongly connected with overall well-being and should be maintained with daily brushing and flossing, as well as regular cleanings and oral exams. Early signs of other conditions, such as diabetes and cancer, are often first identified at the dentist’s office.

There are options out there such as Medicare Advantage plans that most often only cover minimal basic services and can be pricey so make sure to do your research and be sure that you and your loved ones are covered!

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