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SmileFaith Veterans Clinic

SmileFaith is an amazing organization that reachs out to help people with Dental Coverage and even sits down and helps them to find ways to pay for work they need! They also have a Mobile Dental Bus. The Mountain Mobile Dental Clinic  provides free, community dental and wellness events  throughout the Appalachian Mountain region of Eastern Kentucky.  Community organizations and local churches serve as EVENT HOSTS and assist with event publicity, registration, and in many other helpful ways. The Mountain Mobile Dental Clinic is staffed by caring dental professionals and church teams who volunteer their time to make a wonderful difference in the lives of the folks of Appalachia! On a recent post on their facebook SmileFaith explained how excited they are to open a Clinic for Veterans to help Vets get their smile back!

“We are very excited about expanding our services to the thousands upon thousands of Veterans in Florida who do not qualify for VA dental benefits! Unfortunately, most Veterans do not have access to dental care, but we believe in our Veterans, and we believe, if anyone deserves to smile, “IT SHOULD BE OUR MEN AND WOMEN IN UNIFORM WHO SACRIFICED TO KEEP OUR COUNTRY SAFE!” SmileFaith Foundation will be launching a modern, fully equipped dental clinic focused on serving primarily our underserved Veterans in Tampa Bay and beyond.”


This is such a exciting thing for Vets Smilefaith also featured a story on their website about Rocky’s new Smile and explained how he was a “battered and bruised” combat Vert would they were able to help!

This is definitely a cause to get behind these brave mean and woman deserve all of the awesome things we can help with so reach in and Donate to this awesome cause! Donate now!



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