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What’s happening with Health Insurance

Health insurance has been such a huge topic for years now. When Obamacare happened you were either for it or totally against it. Without a doubt, ACA helped a lot of people but the long-term effects are still to be seen. The big question is what now? So many carriers pulling out rates rocketing.  Due to the ever-changing nature of the new healthcare law, staying up to date on the latest ObamaCare news is a must. For some people, it was a big relief to find out that a lot of states extended the deadline for this year and for others the deadline could be extended for months and still simply wouldn’t be able to afford the rates being offered even with subsidies. Not to mention there are many reports stating that individuals are not using the exchange market due to their carriers not participating and many don’t want to loose a doctor due to a network change. No matter your situation in one way or another all these new healthcare laws and changes somehow effect you and for most, it’s not in a good way. You hear more and more every day about those who would like to see the Obamacare Care be repealed. Those who want to repeal ObamaCare due to being upset with the cost or the mandate should think carefully about why guaranteed coverage for preexisting conditions matters. Not to mention healthcare providers across the nation are unsure of whether they will be able to survive an abrupt repeal of Obamacare without a comprehensive replacement. Either way it’s definitely something to stay up to date on. There are a few sites that can help you do that and I have listed them below!

Of course there are hundreds but these seem to cover a lot of the facts!


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